ABA Therapy at Home

What is it like and What are the benefits?

These are often the questions that many parents ask themselves when considering an ABA home therapy program. These programs consist of two main services. The first of which is ABA therapy that is done within your home. In this service, a registered behavior technician often comes into the home to work directly with your child. They typically set up in an area of your home and work 1:1 on the goals created by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), who is the clinician that oversees and writes the programming.


These sessions are often composed of many smaller work sessions that are both at a therapy table area as well as areas around your home. One of the benefits of ABA home therapy is that it is indeed done within your home where your child can generalize the skills practiced right to their own home. In addition, the logistically convenience of home therapy is appealing to many families, especially those who could not otherwise access services. Another benefit is that it can be offered nearly anywhere including rural areas unlike clinical based programs that are often only located in larger and middle sized cities.


The second set of services provided is Behavior Consulting. This service consists of services from the BCBA that include the initial evaluation, 6 month reevaluation, behavior consulting with your child, consulting with your child’s ABA therapist, as well as parent training. One of the many benefits of this service is that it is logistically convenient and on demand for your schedule. It also allows easy generalization for the home environment, since the child is typically learning and using the skills while at home.


Please note that ABA services can be offered in combination with services at a community child care facility as well as school in addition to being provided at home.

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