Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Whether your child has verbal language skills, they can use American Sign Language, they can point to, or pull you to items… they are communicating. Even problematic behavior can be a way that your child is communicating to you. Children with autism often are delayed in developing spoken language. Increasing speech and language is our specialty. Speech therapy is offered to work on a variety of issues and concerns. Using a collaborative approach with our other services, we integrate the expertise of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Speech Therapists to boost language and communication skills. Combining speech therapy with our comprehensive program allows our integrated approach to developing communication skills throughout the entire therapy day.


Speech therapy can take on a variety of interventions. This ranges from using words/sentences, following multiple-step directions, answering -WH style questions, and even developing social language for social skills. We also offer picture communication as well as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for children who use their voices in a different way. During the therapy session, your child will learn a variety of communication and language skills. These include areas that are assessed to determine their long and short-term goals, which are provided to you after the initial evaluation. A child’s individual needs including their strengths and deficits are all taken into consideration when creating goals.

Our speech therapists look at each child’s unique needs and personality to build language skills your child needs from the beginning. They provide engaging and functional fun activities focused on strengthening deficit areas. From understanding receptive language such as following directions to using expressive language such as talking they can develop areas of speech such as articulation, pitch, fluency and volume. Our experienced clinicians have the knowledge and experience to give your child the tools, so that they can reach higher to connect the pieces that make a long term impact in their success.

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