3 Ways To Avoid Summertime Meltdowns With Autism Spectrum

3 Ways To Avoid Summertime Meltdowns With Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum and Transitioning to Summer

Summer vacation typically means taking a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the school year and even more so now that we’re helping our children learn at home. However, being a parent to a child with autism, relaxing does not come so easy. Children with autism spectrum thrive on routine and taking a spontaneous trip to the beach or getting acclimated to a new summer camp can present many challenges. Not to mention finding and securing a summer camp that can assist with your child’s special needs. Summer can flat out be more stressful than the comfortable routine of the familiar school schedule.

So, the question ishow do you make summer fun while not stressing out your child?

Here is a list of strategies to consider in avoiding summertime meltdowns:

1.) During the last month of school put together a calendar that both you and your child can review together. Healthy transitioning and avoiding the unknown will help your loved one get comfortable with moving into summer.

2.) Implement a deliberate summer routine that everyone can get used to and know what to expect in the months to come. Go over the routine with your child so they can feel secure moving from one thing to the next.

3.) Integrate a special summer activity your child particularly enjoys. Maybe your child has a love for drawing, reading, or playing with sensory items like sand tables or glitter jars. Whatever that activity may be, make it a part of their summer schedule so he or she will have something exciting to look forward to.

In addition to these Monark ABA can be a strong tool in helping children with autism spectrum transition and have a successful summer along with bypassing any out of school regression. Learning new strategies for both you and your child with autism can help your kiddo grow and enjoy the summer months. Whether it’s summer months or the school year, Monark ABA can work with you and your child’s schedule. We have a flexible and convenient delivery model to offer Monark ABA including; parent training, social skills services, behavior consulting, and specialty programs like toilet training, eating programs, sleeping, auditory sensitivity, specialized daily living skills.

Monark ABA is a quality provider of ABA services focusing on flexible services directly to children with Autism Spectrum, their families as well as schools and their staff who support these families and children.