Diagnostic Testing

Don't Wonder, Find Out Today

If you suspect your child might have Autism contact us today. There is no need to wait months for testing as we have convenient appointments available within 1-2 weeks at our diagnostic office. In addition, we provide these services at a fraction of the costs of major hospitals and larger providers. Diagnostic testing is offered as a one-time appointment with a clinical psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience. He has provided diagnostic services to a variety of children and their families throughout Ohio.

Our approachable open-minded staff are here for you the entire process and provide support and recommendations for your child if diagnosed. Every child is different and we work with each family individually to ensure you receive the best quality services possible. Contact us today to find out more. Our diagnostic testing services include reviewing existing information regarding your child, parent interview(s), working directly with your child, and recommendations.

The Diagnostic Process

Reviewing historical background information of your child. Whether it be a physician report, developmental therapy, speech therapy, or any other type of assessment and report for your child, we will review it prior to your diagnostic appointment to help us learn about your child and their unique needs.

The parent interview is an integral part of the diagnostic process and involves the people that know your child best, you. Parents are invited to share as much information as possible during this stage of the process and we encourage you to do so. This part of the process is often done with the child and allows us to get to know them as well as you.

The child interaction stage of the process is just as essential and helps us to get to know your child and their unique needs. Our welcoming staff provide a warm and fun environment for your child to show us their full potential through the process. We welcome children of all ages and are prepared to welcome you and your child to our office for this process.

If diagnosed, recommendations of services are essential and help parents determine next steps for their child. Regardless of diagnosis, we provided individualized recommendations for each child and family. We pride our selves on being a resource for families, so that they can connect to a variety of services and agencies that can assist them as well as their child.

We accept a variety of commercial insurances, so contact us today to find out more.